From Facts to Fiction – a video documentary

From Facts to Fiction – a video documentary

From Facts to Fiction is a short documentary made by two trainee film-makers (Renata Torok and Mohd M. Rahman) with support from a professional in the field (Turab Shah).

The documentary is about a Heritage Lottery Funded project called ‘Human Stories and the East India Company’. It was a unique project that sought to utilise the medium of fiction writing to learn about the history and our shared long common heritage between the UK and many countries around the east of present-day South Africa.

The project engaged more than twenty people from diverse backgrounds and provided them with training, mentoring support and information about sources of information on the East India Company.

The participants spent time studying history, getting inspired by human stories and then writing fictions based on facts. The project worked with Four Corners Film, which was very keen to engage their trainees to work on our video documentary project.

Human Stories and the East India Company